Learning plan

The learning plan is used to make a well-organized working plan for your Pupils. The learning plan is a central unit of your work, because all the materials and functions of this platform can be directly linked to it. Moreover, you can track and review the learning progress. There is also a possibility to make selected tasks visible only for certain users.

There are many ways to maintain your learning plan. You can do it as follows: either release a complete learning plan at once, or you can just gradually publish the tasks monthly, weekly and so on.

You can also export your learning plan as an .xml file in order to import it for the use in another room, for instance. This option suits best when dealing with recurring learning materials, because you have a chance to maintain every single entry separately.


Here you can see learning plans released for you by a certain group, class or institution. When sorted by Topic you can find and choose your learning plan according to the displayed topic in a drop-down menu.

  • If the task is Completed, you see this checkbox.
  • The Title is shown as a link. Click it to open an entry.
  • You see the date by which the task must be completed in the column Due date.
  • The column Last modified indicates the date and time at which entries were last edited.



Click Read to open and read your learning plan entry.


Use this icon to edit your learning plan entry.


This checkbox is used to mark the task as completed.

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